Mini Medics First Aid


Did you know the success rate for saving someone who has suffered from a Cardiac Arrest through CPR in the UK is between 6%-8%.

Why do you think this is?

My opinion is because the majority of people in the UK, do not know how to respond in these situations. Majority of UK residents only attend First Aid courses if their place of work requests them to.

In Denmark, they have had a push on CPR training since 2005. Their success rate of getting people to hospital alive following a cardiac arrest has risen to 22%.

Children are taught CPR at primary schools. Teenagers require to do First Aid as part of their driving tests.

MJD Training offers basic First Aid training to children. Our Mini Medics course teaches them basic life support skills.

We have already been into Copthill Independant School, Stamford, and Bluecoats Primary School, Stamford, rolling out this valuable program.

Contact us now to enquire about this program being brought into your school.

This valued skill, learned at a young age, taught to more people across the country could save more lives. You never know, it could be even yours.